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  • 1. Are the numbers of likes during deliveries fixed?

    We assure you to give a minimum number of likes that are discussed before the payment. However, most often there is a slight increment in most cases.

  • 2. Are your Service delivery Guarantee proofed?

    Its 100% Guaranteed. We deliver the service with the in discussed time interval with customer satisfaction.

  • 3. Do you have any time limitation for delivery?

    We have set a limitation to deliver the service within 48hrs and till now we have delivered the service to all our client within the prescribed time domain.

  • 1. If I had to expect then how many likes, dislikes and shares can I expect from media?

    We have a variety of packages from which you can choose from. Depending on your budget and requirements, we can serve you with the same.

  • 2. Are these likes temporary or permanent ?

    These likes are permanent and will show on your profile forever.

  • 3. Are this valid approach to buy youtube likes, dislikes, shares?

    It's valid and legal adopted by everyone to boost their profile and reach more people.

  • 1. Is it possible to get noticed by others that I have purchased this service?

    No one observes that you have purchased the service but they can for sure watch the rapid growth in your social media profile presence.

  • 2. Will my account credential be safe ?

    Yes, whatever information you share with us will remain with us and won’t be entertained on next level.

  • 3. Are this server to up to legal T&C?

    Yes, the service is not up to all Terms & Conditions as we follow the legal guidelines of the platform.